Revak Disposable formwork systems is a recycled material obtained by the regeneration of Polypropylene (PP) plastic waste.

What is a Revak Disposable Formwork system?

REVAK DISPOSABLE FORMWORK, created for lightweight filling, beginning from 5 cm. up to 300 cm. It is a single-use raised floor system that gives minimum filling load to reinforced concrete. It fulfills the function of filling in reinforced concrete structures requiring high load capacity. Is is a raised floor system that creates ventilation space and installation availibility under the slab, which can be easily moved by hand and can be used for building foundations, floors, hard landscaping for having lighter filling load to reinforced concrete.

Revak Disposable Formwork system Advantages

- Heavy vehicles may pass over the system.

- It has a high load carrying capacity.

- Comparing with other systems it Provides 90% easier and faster application.

- This system is the solution point for reverse beams.

- The air under the floor provides heat and sound insulation.

- It is very easy to install.

- It saves labor and time.

- All kinds of installations can be passed through the gap formed.

- There is no need for a machinery to place disposable formwork system, ordinary workers can install them easily by hand.

- One worker can install 30 square meters per hour.

- It allows the construction continue while it is beging installed in other floors.

- Stackablity, save logistics and transportation; 1 truck load Revak Disposable Formwork system can replace 50 trucks of aerated concreteblocks in 50 cm of filling.

- It is the lightest solution compared to all other alternatives.

Revak Disposable Formwork system Application Areas